Current projects and news

August 21th 2024

Start of construction of 7th construction phase - Ministry of the Interior and Europe, Schwerin I.BA - Renewal of EMA and BMA, new video and fire protection measures - construction period 1st - 9th construction phase, 10.2022 to probably 11.2026

August 12th 2024

Start of construction - Elbland Primary School, Wittenberge - New after-school care extension, II. BA - Extension of the 1-storey after-school care building at the existing school building from 1977, which will not be completed until 2022, to accommodate an additional group for the current 234 children. Construction work during ongoing operations - construction period 09.2024 to 08.2025

July 9th 2024

Planning start-up meeting - New construction of the school canteen, Neukloster - In the context of the listed "school campus" area, a 1-storey, square building for a cooking operation of 600 meals/day and max. 128 seats, design analogous to the new extension of the regional school - construction period 05.2025 to 12.2026