Wasserwerk Mühlenscharrn, Schwerin

Wasserwerk Mühlenscharrn, Schwerin

State building prize Mecklenberg-Vorpommern 2000 (Commendation) 
Design prize Mecklenberg-Vorpommern 2000 (1st. Prize)
Architecture prize for outstanding industrial building 2000 (Honorable mention)

Construction of a Waterworks with clear water tanks for the Schwerin water supply. Fair faced concrete with a roof construction of laminated self-supporting wood vaults. The sunscreens are thermo-hydraulically controlled double-glazed photo-voltaic modules.

Excerpts from the prize jury`s assessment.
The waterworks Mühlenscharrn is a building that successfully fits into the landscape without losing its own identity. The outline of the waterworks…. sets confident architecture against a natural background... 

Location Schwerin

Construction time 01.1998 - 06.2000
Building owner Stadtwerke Schwerin GmbH

Gross tonnage 6.851,52 m³
Total area 1.120,40 m²
Construction costs approx. 9,0 Mio €

Wasserwerk, Schwerin
Wasserwerk, Schwerin