* born 1956 in Solingen-Germany, married, 4 children, enjoys sailing, music and cooking

Academic career
1978 to 1986 Studied at the Department of Architecture - Technical High School - Darmstadt. Diploma project with Prof. Max Bächer.
1987 to 1992 Assistant to Prof. Gino Valle, Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia.
Professional career
1986 to 1992 Freelance architect with Prof. Gino Valle, Studio Valle Architetti Associati, in Udine - Italy.
1990 Founded own offices in Udine and Solingen-Germany.
1994 to 1998 Managing Partner with the Planungsgruppe Nord, Hamburg and Schwerin.
1999 Founded own office in Schwerin and since 2010 also in Hamburg
Award winning buildings