Office profile
The practice ARS was founded in Langenfeld-Rheinland by myself, Roland Schulz, as freelance architect, Dipl. Eng. TH Darmstadt, after his acceptance into the Chamber of Architects - Nordrein-Westfalen in 1988.
Further offices were opened in Udine, Italy from 1990 to 1992, Schwerin in 1999 an Hamburg in 2010.
The main emphasis of our work so far has been urban planning, together with superstructures, with an almost equal balance between new work and renovation/modernisation, mainly in schools. In the last few years we have been mainly involved in local authority contracts, and have gained a reputation as a capable and reliable practice, and all projects have been carried out with a high standard of cost control. This quality of our work is evident from the high level of client satisfaction.
In addition to our service portfolio we offer also the planning of fire protection since 2008.
Award winning buildings